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General CNC Router/3D Printing

Open Source CNC options

  • Inkscape

    Inkscape is a Free and open source vector graphics editor that can be used to create SVG images. Also has a GcodePlot plugin to convert to gcode paths.


    Convert your SVG files to CNC cutting paths with this tool.

  • Autodesk Fusion

    Fusion 360 unifies design, engineering, electronics, and manufacturing into a single software platform. Provides free yearly licenses for academic use.

  • Useful CNC Articles

  • CNC milling wih Open Source software.

    Create your favorite designs with a DIY CNC milling machine based on open source software and an Arduino controller.

  • How to Use Autodesk Fusion 360 for CNC Milling


  • Autodesk TINKERCAD

    Simple introduction to circuits, coding with blocks or C++ and a live Arduino simulator.

  • Paul McWhorter's Arduino YouTube Tutorials

    Paul McWhorter's YouTube channel contains 68 videos (as of Feb 2021) starting with and introduction to Aurdino and going all the way to advanced applications and explanations of every sensor imaginable.

  • Programming Electronics Academy

    YouTube channel with lots of Arduino related tutorials and project.

  • Duino App

    Duino App is a web-based programing interface for programming microcontrollers, like an Arduino or ESP, and proxies process of compiling/uploading code from a remote server to the client.

LED Lighting

  • Tempos Lighting

    Primarily geared toward those wantnig to sync light shows with music. Also has a nice tutorial on connecting the Arduino to LED lights.

  • Adafruit Neopixel GuideA basic guide to connecting neopixel lights to the Arduino.

Makeblock Robotics

  • Instructables - Advanced Sensors

    Detailed instructions that go beyond the basic Scratch programming option. The article shows how to add Adafruit components, Arduiono Uno, make your own sensors and how to code the sensors.

  • Makeblock YouTube channel
  • Official YouTube channel of makeblock providing project tutorials and ideas for various skill levels.

Teaching Resources